The Prayer

“The Apple” | oil on canvas | 30"x48"

Blessing | 24"x24" | canvas, oil, oil metallic gold

The Color of Grace / oil on canvas / 27"x20" (70сmx50cm)

Bluebird, the Bird of Happiness / oil on canvas / 24"x18" (60cmx45cm)/sold

Гроза души | Thunder of the Soul | oil on canvas | 101.6cmx76.2cm (40"x30")

Перлинний | Pearly | oil on canvas | 101.6cmx76.2cm (40"x30") | sold

Red / oil on canvas / 101.6cmx76.2cm (40"x30")

The prayer / oil on canvas / 30"х30" ( 76cmx76cm)

Жовтий (Yellow) | oil on canvas | 51cmx41.5cm (20"x16")

the color of sadness / oil on canvas / 20"x16" (51cmx40.5cm) / inspired by "pieta" by Franz V. Stuck


This series of oil paintings is based on a lifetime of experiences viewing art and iconography in Orthodox Cathedrals. To express personal feelings about the complex situation in Ukraine on the verge of civil war, Elena employed images and elements similar to those used in the art and icons of Russian Orthodox Cathedrals.

oil on canvas (2014)